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Cindy is a practical, no nonsense coach, holistic nutritionist, transformation specialist, life coach/counselor, DNA practitioner and athlete.

With over 30 plus years experience  in the health, wellness and personal growth industry!

Her goal is to help people to put the power of their health and wellness back into their own hands through personalized nutrition integrated health and education!!

With Cindy you will learn  it all starts in between your ears, and if you can change your mind, you can change your life!!

Cindy has been called a Brain Ninja, The period Whisperer, Dr. Do and Dr. Do Not!!!

She is succeeding at transforming lives and inspiring change in her own community and far beyond. With the belief that everything is connected.

Cindy promotes health and wellness and trusts that healthy people make happy people . Her athleticism, drive, and passion to empower others is nothing short of inspirational.

It is a sentiment that is echoed by most anyone who comes into contact with Cindy.

She has motivated, supported and empowered countless people to change their lives.

Though she remains incredibly humble and keeps her cape well hidden, Cindy's clients aren't shy about sharing, what they call, her superhero abilities. She will empower you to empower yourself through customised education about your own body and how it really works!

Cindy proudly lives a clean, organic lifestyle and is eager to guide those ready to do the same.  She is honest and outspoken. She is strong. She is accomplished. To spend time with this woman is to know intensity, warmth, and truth.

Cindy keeps her flame burning bright by igniting a spark in others!

This lady  redefines beauty, challenges perceptions, and strives to create monumental changes.

If your are finally ready to get the most personalized plan you have ever had, to finally reach yourlife goals  she is the coach for you.

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