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"Who's this Cindy Legare?"

Hey there, lovely folks! Cindy Legare here, and let me tell you, I'm all about helping you feel amazing and spread some good vibes. Life's a bit of a whirlwind nowadays, ain't it? We're all trying to figure out how to shine, rock it, and keep that happiness meter cranked up.

But let's face it, the struggle is real. Modern life's throwing us some curveballs – crazy work hours, tempting fast food, lounging around like couch potatoes, and even pollution messing with our groove. And don't get me started on all the health nonsense floating around out there. 🤦‍♀️

Well, guess what? I'm here to dish out the real deal. I'm all about making your life a masterpiece by keeping it simple and sustainable. I'm talking about adding more life to your years and stacking up those bonus years too! 🎉🕺

Now, you might be wondering, "Who's this Cindy Legare?" Buckle up, 'cause I'm armed with qualifications that'll blow your socks off:

💥 David Bayer Transformational Mindset Coach 💥 CSNA Holistic Nutrition Advisor 💥 UCFV Life Coach/Counsellor 💥 PSYCH-K Facilitator 💥 Reiki Level 1 Master 💥 Law of Attraction Facilitator 💥 BCRPA/CFES Personal Trainer

Yep, I'm the real deal with over 3 decades in the coaching game. But let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Ever heard of the idea "Mind Over Matter"? Oh, baby, it's my jam! Your thoughts? They're like bridges between possibilities and roadblocks.

See, your mind's got the power to play tricks on your reality – from the placebo effect to flipping pain perception and even messing with your appetite. And guess what? It can jazz up your workouts too!

Here's the scoop: if you tackle a mind-bending task before hitting the gym, you're gonna feel like you've been through a mental obstacle course. And those who haven't? Well, they're partying at the finish line. It's like your brain's the DJ, and perceived effort's the dancefloor anthem.

And hey, ever been on a bike ride not knowing when it's gonna end? You'd think your legs might fall off, right? But slap a timer on that bad boy, and suddenly, you're a superhero pedaling through the streets.

Oh, and let's talk about sleep – the magical elixir of life. If you snooze for five but think it's eight, your brain's gonna be doing a happy dance with alpha waves all day. And the opposite? Eight hours of Zs but you're convinced it's only five? Cue the sleepy-time delta waves crashing your party.

I ain't messin' around – there's solid science backing this "mind over matter" jazz. How you use this superpower? That's the game-changer between unlocking doors and slamming shut those opportunities. So, choose wisely, my friends, and let's dive into this wild journey together! 🚀🧠🌟 Changing your MINDSHIT to POWERFUL MINDSHIFTS!!

Here are a few specific from the literature:

  • If you perform a cognitively difficult task prior to physical activity you will have a significantly higher self-perceived fatigue and poorer performance than those who haven't. This demonstrates the "psychobiological model of endurance performance." This suggests that perceived exertion is the primary determinant of endurance as opposed to cardiorespiratory and muscular energetic factors.

  • Cyclists who are not told how long they need to cycle report greater fatigue than those who are told exactly how long they would be cycling. Uncertainty and stress cause increased feelings of fatigue and lower perceived energy levels even when doing the same task.

  • If you sleep for five hours but perceive you have slept eight, you have significantly higher alpha wave activity which keeps you alert and productive. Conversely, if you sleep eight hours but perceive you have slept five, you produce more delta waves during the day which makes you sleepy. Perceived sleep impacts performance, physiology, and whether or not your mind feels "fresh" for the day.

The wealth of research supporting 'mind over matter' is undeniably real. How you use it is the difference between opportunity and limitations. Choose wisely.

#MindMatters #CindysGotYourBack

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