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Taking time for yourself is selfish!..NOT!

Ever feel like your plate is EXTRA UBER full?

Have you even looked at your plate lately?

Ever feel like you have literally NO time left in your day?

I used to think that I couldn’t take on one single thing more. Between work, relationships, training, business, school, schedules, cooking, laundry, and LIFE, I already felt like I was sinking., oh and add in a little dose of procrastination!

But then things shifted when a coach asked me and gave me the task of filling my own cup up FIRST! What???? NO? That would be so selfish…. wouldn’t it??

And then I discovered that something about filling my OWN cup gave me energy, strength, and clarity!

I learned that it’s not only NECESSARY, it's possible to fit “ME” into my list of priorities.

I fit it all in by working in blocks of time. Each hour of my day is accounted for. I schedule it all in….work, drive time, health and fitness, family, personal growth, coaching, time with John, and time with my dogs!

Now don’t get me wrong, I do wear a superhero cape and I still don’t always get things done, BUT the thing I always get done is taking time to FILL MY CUP, even if it is a 10-minute meditation or a 10-minute eft session or Psych-K! It’s a practice….and we all know practice makes perfect….WRONG!!!!! That’s total bullshit and just a setup to let yourself down! (Queen of perfection paralysis over here)



So here is what I practice!

I begin each day .. with my bulletproof coffee in hand .. using my planner/journal to set up my day for success and I use these questions: Try it yourself and see:

What person do I want to send a little text to, to tell them I’m grateful for them and just check in?

What am I excited about today?

What things could possibly stress me out today ( insert limiting belief in here) and how can my “Best/higher self” handle it? I often do Tapping, Gamma mindset, or Psych-K around this!

What are the things that made me uncomfortable yesterday?

What 1 thing do I need to get done today to move the needle even just 1% forward?

And then plan out your day to include all the things that are important to you ... remember to include ME time which is actually the VERY MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR DAY SO YOU CAN SHOW UP YOUR BEST IN ALL OTHER AREAS!

Need help making a plan? Need help staying accountable? Message me today!! I’ve totally learned that the MOST SUCCESSFUL people at anything, have coaches!

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