Age is a state of mind!

This weekend was definatley a learning curve. What started out as a hey lets do this........ to I want to qualify ( got qualified) and get invited to the CanWest games weekend. Done:)

The weather was brutally hot and added an extra element of cruelty into the weekend. Not gonna lie their were times through out the weekend that I wanted to quit and found myself saying out loud loudly FMLife..what the hell was I thinking?? Why the hell am I doing this?

Im 53 fucking years old and have nothing to prove…..LMAO!!

It stifling hot..35 at one point,,,my hands are bleeding and shredded, Ive been working out every 2 hours for the last 8, my body is fatigued and my mind is telling me a bunch of lies!!!

Your to old, your weak, you don't need to do this, you cant finish it, your hands are ripped up you should stop, your calf injury is flaring up…this is for 20 year olds not 53 year olds…....3 days of working out.......blah blah blah blah……..what a crock of shiiiiiit! Sorry not sorry...that is so NOT MY STORY!!

Tip: You don't have to believe everything your mind says, most of it is crap!

Your body will do so much more than you think it can. If you have never pushed yourself and found that other gear that we all have, I truly believe you are missing out on one of the greatest experiences and confidence boosters that you can ever have.

We all have another gear, and another gear after that!!!

Its work to find it...and the work is in your mind!! Your mind will give out long before your body ever does,,,you just have to train it!! Your mind that is!!

And the more you practice this the better you become at it...HEBBS law says neurons that fire together wire together:) Change your words...which change your thoughts...which change your vibes (your energy) and that ultimately changes your results!! The Law of Attraction at its finest!

I've always been a competitive person...excelling in track and high level baseball when I was younger then in my 30’s going into bodybuilding. Body building was great and taught me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many things about myself and what I was made of.

However what I did find out in the body building magazine fitness world it literally is the muscle and fiction industry and nothing to do with health, only how you look not how you feel. A very subjective bullshit industry.

What it had in some lessons it sorely lacked in athletics and I use to get very bothered when we were called athletes??? Their is NOTHING athletic about being a bodybuilder, especially if your are a true athlete...a performance based one.

Bodybuilding is about how you look and deprivation.

How you look, and while you look good, you feel like shit!! There is nothing healthy about it!!

So enter the games this weekend, The common thread with all the Masters 50+ ladies I competed with over the weekend was all had great nutrition, all had a winning mindset, all understood thoughts become things! All understood the power of WE that we were all cut from the same fabric (Age was not a factor) and used that to drive each other to do our best! It was fricking amayzing!

Looking over at eachother through gasps of air it made you go faster, push harder, want, be and do more! Not once did you think in those moments oh ‘I’m in my 50’s. There is no time for those thoughts in the heat of battle…...

you are PRESENT!! IN THE MOMENT!! LIVING!!!! Its fucking fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another great thing is none of us have been doing crossfit for very long, a couple of years. We all came from other athletic and non athletic modalities!!!

Tip: Its never to late to find your inner athlete!! NEVER!!!

Excellent Nutrition coupled with a smart training plan and a success Mindset goes along way in the journey of age.

Age is just a number in many ways. Training smarter and recovering smarter goes along way! Your not destined to fall apart because of your age..that’s total bullshit perpetuated by sedentary people who are not Pro active in their health and wellness!! Dont buy into that belief...BECAUSE THAT IS ALL THAT IT IS….A BELIEF!!

There are factors that come into play for sure as you age but NONE that should ever be an EXCUSE to hold you back!!


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