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Cut that shiiiit out!

So often when we start feeling good we forget where we started and how much has changed.........

If you're having one of those brain fart moments that you actually think it doesn't effect and affect you...take the 14-day challenge and on day 7, 14 see how you feel!

You know I guarantee without a doubt that you WILL FEEL BETTER AND IN THE PROCESS DROPPED A FEW LBS!

Why doubt that your food makes a difference, all of you know that it does!! !!

And record that shiiiiit!! Write it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inflamation is the enemy unless we need to heal up a wound! Otherwise it just causes havoc and stress on our bodies!! Did you know that inflamation in the brain can lead to alzhiemers? Did you know that inflamation raises your cortisol??? I could go on and on about what inflamation can do in your body does.........but I wont!

What I will do though right now is challnege you to see for yourself if these foods are causing you inflamation!

Take them out of your diet for 14 days and see how you feel. and when I say take them out ...really take them out!

Look on the labels of things and make sure none of them are lurking in there hiding out just waiting to ambush you and your efforts!

Sugar, peanuts, SOY (gross), eggs, alcohol, corn gluten and dairy are all highly inflamatory to some people. AND KNOTICE HOW I SAID!!

So take this challenge and see how they affect and effect you!!!

Keep a journal so you know!!

If your not tracking your just guessing:)

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