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Whats really holding you back? Maybe its one of these things?

You seem to be doing all the right stuff. Your doing the workouts that your trainer has given you, your following the nutrition program and still it doesn't seem to be working!

You step on the dreaded scale and BAM it smacks you in the face and laughs..hahahah you haven't lost a pound sucka!! WTF??????

First off stay the hell off the scale, its a liar and it only measures everything in numbers??? This is no bueno!!

Think about like this, its like have a tree climbing contest to measure imagine if your a fish or and elephant or a dog or a monkey? Get my drift..the scale is not a good way to measure progress!!

It only tells you how much you wiegh? Who cares how much you weigh, have you lost fat, inches, taken a poop today yet, do you feel awesome?

Ok I digress as usual!!

So you think your doing all the right stuff but it doesn't seem to be working? What gives?

Well one of the things that I do differently than most, is we have a look at your symptoms. And we have a look at your DNA blueprint as far as your diet and nutrition is concerned.

"What does your unique blueprint say about your POTENTIAL?

How is your body working before we jump into designing your nutrition plan.

Maybe its your throid?

Hows your thyroid doing? Is your thyroid tired? This gland is one of the pieces to fat burning. Notice I said one of the pieces! Even if you don’t have outright thyroid disease, a sluggish thyroid can slow down your metabolism and hold up your fat loss. Maybe you need to get it tested by an intergretive health specialist who understands testing! Maybe we just need to add in more thyroid enhancing foods?

Maybe its insulin resistance?

Holy crap batman whats going on here?

Insulin and leptin the dynamic duo!! Insulin resistance!!!

If you have been chronically eating a high inflammatory, high sugar diet to this point I would hazard a guess that you might have insulin resistance. The cells are saying NO BUENO we are full and no one else is getting into this glucose party!! You go hang out somewhere else in the body!! If you dont understand how that works its a big challenge!!

Imagine this:

You eat some food. It gets broken down into glucose who is rip roaring and ready to party.

Insulin comes along to chaperone the glucose to the rockin party in the blood vessel ballroom.

When they get there, the bouncer says NO WAY, your not coming in, you guys have been sending way to many glucose partiers lately, so we are frickin full! Go somewhere else and party. So they do..they head over to the FAT Cafe! LOL!! Get the picture???

But hey there is a way to start crashing that party again and get those little suckers to be more flexible!! Metabolic training and strength training helps bigtime! Getting your Z's in!! I cannot say enough about getting your ZZZZ's in!!! I could write a whole blog on getting your ZZZZZ's in!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO important!!!

Chronic stress and lack of sleep are HUGE culprits of sabatoging your success in the fat loss game! If your stressed out an tired, your probably going to crave things and make not so great choices!!

I cant tell you how many times if I can get my clients to have good sleeps there body starts to cooperate with them! Its that old saying love your body and it will love you back..literally!! We need good quality sleep to recover and repair and heal!! All of which are needed for fat loss and optimal health!! Cause in case no one has told you yet " WE DON'T LOSE FAT AND THEN GET HEALTHY, WE GET HEALTHY AND THEN WE WILL LOSE THE FAT!! You should be getting a good 7-9 hours sleep every night!!!!!

Maybe its toxins?

We are bombarded every day with toxins including those that are body is just making itself! The air we breathe, the food we eat and stuff we put on our bodies, even our household products can contribute to our toxin load!!

Toxins interfere with our fat loss and they can make us just feel like shit!

Our body is constantly breaking down toxins and getting rid of them for us! Maybe you need to do some support for your detox systems? I have a great little reset and restart to get you headin in the right direction!!

Maybe its your guts?

There is a battle that rages on everyday in our guts, are your good guys kicking ass or are your bad guys winning the show?

Lots of problems manifest when the bad guys are running the show. These guys are pretty nasty asses and like to make you do things you shouldn't. They like to grab all the food and store it as inparticuliar bad bacteria is the "YEAST GANG" these dudes are nasty and they make you crave sugar to feed there habits!! But don't despair there are lots of ways to take out the bad guys and build up the "Good Guy bacteria army"These guys just need the right amo sent to them think,probiotics and fermented foods:)

Maybe you cant fit into your jeans cause its your GENES?

Have you heard of EPIGENETICS?

If you haven't yet mark my words YOU WILL!!

When it comes to health and fat loss your genetic blue print loads the gun and your lifestyle pulls the trigger.

Your daily habits from what you eat, drink, think, sleep and put on your body influences the expression of your genes!!

You can help them to express the very best versions of themselves, creating optimal health or you can literally help them to express the shittiest version of themselves creating sickness and DIS_EASE!

Get your diet power tested today!! Its so easy to get your own blueprint and finally get a customized nutrition plan for you!!!

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