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The Winning Kitchen!

Ok so it;'s January 18th and some of that gung ho motivation might be starting to wear off a bit. So make sure you are prepared for when the motivation and the will power gets tired!!

If you have a plan for success then guess what, success will happen! And remember if you want something you've never had, ya gotta do something you've never done before! So lets get the WINNING KITCHEN happening!!

This is gonna hurt some of you more than others...LOL!

Feel the fear and do it anyways!

Now don't forget to take some pics for proof, and tag them #transformedlife247365

Take a good look through your cupboards and fridge and keep anything that is going to move you closer to your goals, get rid of anything that is going to sabotage your efforts! It might seem like a waste to you, to be tossing out food, and do it anyways, it will not do you any good to keep this crap around!

This food is like that shitty friend, who wants to tempt you into doing stuff that is really sabotaging your efforts! So dive into the deep end and lets get started. Get a big garbage bag and away we go!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

There are a couple of ways to approach this: You might want to do it all at once in one fell swoop, which I think is the best way as long as you have the healthy nutrient dense version to replace whatever your throwing out, or you might want to tackle one cupboard time.

Either way do what will work best for you....but hmmmmm?, I think you might have done that in the past and it hasn't worked for you soooooooooooooo, get in done if one fell swoop!

The trick here, like I've said is to have the replacements on hand so your covered, and guess what I've got that covered, so read on!! First off your going to: toss out all processed packaged foods which contain chemical ingredients, GMO foods, artificial sweeteners, and trans fat – your body doesn’t recognize allot of ingreints in these as useful nutrients. Because of this your body will spend allot of time food, trying to detoxify breakdown and eliminating them. Or worse yet store them because its not quite sure what the hell to do with them? Ummmmm? GROSS!

Ok lets get crackin here! REMOVE ANY VEGGIES AND FRUITS THAT ARE PROCESSED Anything in cheap cans

Replace those offenders with:

Fresh local or organic produce whenever possible. If buying all organic is not in your budget look at the EWG Shoppers Guide to Pesticides to learn about the Dirty Dozen and buy organic for the most sprayed crops. AT LEAST BUY THE CLEAN 15. THERE ARE MORE BUT THESE ARE THE DIRTY AND CLEAN ONES YOU NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW☺

Flash frozen is better than cans!! CHUCK OUT ALL THE WHITE FLOUR AND WHEAT PRODUCTS!

If the label says ENRICHED any where chuck it!!


Replace those offenders with:

Almond flour, coconut flours, chick pea flours, there allot of other nutrient dense flours out there to try. So try some!! CHUCK OUT ANY GLUTEN FREE FOODS POSING AS HEALTHY!

Make sure that the gluten free products that you do have are nutrient dense and not crap! How much sugar is in them? What other ingredients are added into them??


When Things are packaged they need something to preserve them?? Hmmmmm,Chemicals? These are no BEUNO!

Also to note: Corn is suggested as a gluten free option but CORN IS A HIGHLY CONTAMINATED AND GMO CROP SO I WOULD STEER CLEAR OF ANY CORN PRODUCTS! Unless they are organic and that is pretty suspect to me:)

Replace those offenders with:

Completely Gluten free is: brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, sorghum, teff, and amaranth are gluten free!!!

Note: kamut, spelt, rye, and barley are not gluten free but if you can tolerate gluten these are a much better choice than wheat based products. CHUCK OUT ANY Canned tomatoes, beans AND BEAN PRODUCTS Chuck out, low quality canned beans and canned foods that contain table salt and preservatives and BPA in the can lining.

CANNED TOMATOES….CHUCK THEM OUT!! Since tomatoes are highly acidic, it breaks down the BPA lining and it leaches into the tomatoes.

Replace those offenders with:

Dried peas and beans you can cook from scratch whenever possible, but for convenience use organic frozen or BPA-free canned beans and peas. When choosing canned beans Eden Organics beans are one of my favorites, they contain sea salt not table salt and have no BPA in the tin’s lining. Check out there website if your interested.

They make all kinds of other things as well as tomatoes in glass jars.

Get your tomatoes and tomatoes pastes in glass jars!

So for your veggies always pick fresh frozen, over canned!

Fresh is best and its not always convient so make sure you have the above healthy alternatives.

IF YOU HAVE SOY PRODUCTS MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE FERMENTED, NON GMO, AND ORGANIC. I’m not a fan of soy at all. It is one of the most genetically engineered products out there. So it’s NO BUENO for you….that means no good for you , I know you just said to yourself…….. what the hell is no Bueno? It’s my attempt at!!! So if you’re going to use any soy products make sure you ALWAYS choose organic Organic and fermented or sprouted soy products. Always check out the labels.

CHUCK OUT ANY Factory farmed conventionally raised MEAT, MEAT PRODUCTS AND FISH Ditch the factory farmed conventionally raised meats, meats raised with antibiotics and hormones, grain fed meats, lunch meats preserved with nitrates, meat products additional processed ingredients, farmed fish and seafood. The states are horrible for this so make sure you shop in Canada!

Replace those offenders with:

Naturally pasture raised and/organic meats (grass fed, antibiotic/hormone free), meat products that are 100% meat with no added ingredients ,wild caught fish and seafood. Remember you are eating what the meat eats!!! Get to know the butcher and the farmers. DITCH THE ROASTED NUTS, SEEDS, FATS & OILS Chuck out vegetable or canola oils .

Chuck out any conventional nut butters made with hydrogenated oils and sugar, roasted nuts and seeds. Lots of nut butters are made with highly refined oils such as canola, sunflower, vegetable safflower, cottonseed, and peanut. There is usually added sugar as well.

Chuck out butter made from factory farmed dairy. ….this totally grosses me out for some reason!! YUCK!

Get rid of refined coconut oils.

Chuck out nuts and seed that are roasted and oiled.

Replace those offenders with:

Organic first pressed olive oils and organic unrefined coconut oil.

Be wary of the kind of xtra virgin olive oil as there are lots of fakes out there. Coconut oil is my favorite!! Pay attention to the labels, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten home and been like OH shit….I picked up the wrong kind!!!! Always get virgin cold pressed!!!!!

Other oils that are great but need to be refrigerated are Hemp seed and Flax oil.

Other cold-pressed oils are walnut, sesame and avocado they are great to make dressings out of. Organic grass fed butter and ghee as well. Replace your nut butters with butters made without added sugar or hydrogenated fats and sugars

Get raw nuts and seeds that are not roasted or salted. DUMP THE HIGH SUGAR AND CHEMICAL HERBS, SPICES, SEASONINGS, CONDIMENTS Ketchup, mayonnaise, teriyaki and other sauces. You will probably be surprised how much sugar is in condiments have a look and toss if they are over 4 grams of sugar.They are mostly made of highly processed crap and contain a ton of white sugar, preservatives, table salt, low quality oils and shitty spices. Chuck them out!!!! Chuck our all seasonings that contain MSG!!

Replace those offenders with:

Minimally processed condiments and seasonings with better quality ingredients, use more fresh and dried herbs and spices, vinegars and oils for flavor.

Salsa is an awesome condiment as well. Just make sure it has no added sugars. Look for ketchup that is made with xylitol if you just have to have ketchup.

Have a look around and if you look you will find way better healthier alternatives to the conventional crap! LOSE THE Dairy products produced from factory farmed dairy, dairy substitutes and conventional factory farmed eggs

Just like conventionally raised meats, be very aware of dairy from the states it can contain BGH Bovine growth hormones!!

Replace those offenders with:

Organic, grass fed dairy products, dairy substitutes that are unsweetened and have minimal ingredients. Milk (organic grass fed cow, goat, sheep). Pick the harder cheeses if your still going to consume any dairy

Yogurt and kefir (organic and unsweetened) Alternative mylks like almond, hemp ( my favorite), coconut Always choose Organic or farm fresh eggs, get to know an organic egg farmer!!!!!!! About the age of 6 most of us lose the enzymes to break down the milk sugars ie: lactose. So can you see how dairy might me affecting your energy levels, inflammation, giving you snotty noses, ear infections, breakouts and even maybe making you gain weight??

Chuck out White sugar,high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and anything that contains them, the worst offenders are aspartame, splenda, nutrasweet, equal

Replace those offenders with:

Natural sweeteners in limited amounts like Stevia, Xylitol, Coconut sugar, Maple Syrup Molasses, Raw Honey. NOTE: make sure its raw and real as there are allot of imposters out there as well posing as honey.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Replace plastic food containers with BPA-free glass containers. Check your non-stick cookware for scratches and rust. Replace with Teflon-free cookware. Glass ceramic or cast iron is the best Rid your fridge of any “fridge experiments” lurking in the back. Set up a labelling system to ensure that leftovers are eaten in 2-3 days. Get rid of ratty plastic utensil and replace with stainless steel or wood.

Ok awesome job! Now you have a kitchen that is set up for success!!!

Transform your life 247/365

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