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Don't make a RESOLUTION!!!!

Hope everyone has had an exceptional holiday season!! The New year is almost upon us!!

Don't make a Resolution this year......Make a commitment to yourself this year!!

If you make a resolution and you don't commit to it, its just one more failure and you've let yourself down . You feel bad, ashamed and guilty that you could not follow through yet again!

This year make a commitment , not a resolution. Make a commitment to do the work to find out why your have not been successful in the past years.

If you make a commitment then you will do the work necessary to stick to it, which means finding out the reasons why you haven't stuck to it in the past.

Aren't you tired of the merry go make a resolution and then a couple months in, your not sticking to what you said you wanted to do? You feel shame and guilt as yet another diet has failed, you have failed yourself....why is that?

And just so you all know...ITS NOT YOUR FAULT!!!

You all can run tight ships and get shit done like nobodies business in your daily lives, so how come you cannot apply those principals to your own resolutions?

To your own health and wellness? I know you all have will power...... I know you all are determined........ I know you are all brilliant and smart........ I know you all really want to change for the better...... I know you can all stick to it for awhile.......

So what gives????

You are all extremely successful in your lives on some level. Like all of you are uber successful with your business's and tons of responsibility. You are trusted with millions of dollars, peoples lives and huge projects and and and and......

You can run tight ships and get shit done with precision and efficiency , so how come you cannot apply those principals to your own lives? To your own health and wellness?

Because your programing is playing sabotaging programs that you are not aware of!! Your subconscious mind runs the show people.

You've been playing out these programs your whole life. Neurons that fire together wire together. Those pathways are in there...those habits and behaviours are in there.....

The Good NEWS IS: We can make new neural pathways, its so fricking awesome!

We used to believe that the brain was wired a certain way and that was it, it was not malleable or changeable. BUT IT IS!!!!!! It totally is!!!!!!!!!

Science has been working on this for a long time now! Its measurable and repeatable!!

Its called Neuroplasticity!!!

You can reprogram yourself, you can brain wash your own damn might as well brain wash yourself cause the world and media is brainwashing you every day!!!! You've been downloaded by other peoples programing since you were little!!!

Ok I'm going on a rant here,

but your getting my drift I hope. You just have to learn what programs are sabotaging you and then rewrite them with really simple techniques.

I know you think everything has to be a struggle and hard or it doesn't work, and I'm here to tell you that THAT IS A LIMITING BELIEF, one that I have struggled with and am still working on myself!!!

Make 2018 the year you change your MIND and YOUR DNA.

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