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Gut health this season!

Now that we are well under way in the season that most people throw their goals out the window and just keep doing what they have habitually done for years , I hope that you all have turned the corner and are acting like you care about your HEALTH and WELLNESS first!!

Just a reminder peeps!! YOU ARE what you eat!!! Literally everytime you eat you are making an investment in your health and wellness!!

Think about that!!

This isn’t just metaphorical; gut health is science!

It doesn’t matter who you are the natural path, the chiro, the athlete, the whoever, the truth remains the same: what we put into our bodies has a direct affect on how we look, feel, think, move — and when our diet gets a little dirty, it’s on us to clean it up, or better not even go there in the first place!!!!!

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to always………….

  1. No matter what event your attending, even if its just at your home…..

Your ideal plate should contain tons of vegetables, healthy fats, and high quality proteins...and don’t forget probiotic-rich foods!

  1. Eliminate all foods that trigger microbial imbalances (your unfriendly bacteria are throwing a party and your not invited) like processed foods, genetically modified anything, refined sugars, conventional dairy products, beans/legumes and grains/wheat/gluten.

  1. Stick to low-glycemic fruits.

  1. Take out foods/drinks that are high in sugar or that turn to sugar in the body (these feed bacterial overgrowths) like corn, white potatoes, alcohol, juice, and soda.

5. Nightshade vegetables are good to get rid of when restoring the gut, as they tend to be a common trigger for digestive distress. Ditch them for 30 days and see how you feel.

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