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Egg roll in a bowl

January 01, 2020

Who doesn't love egg rolls?  Here is a tasty recipe without all the crap from the restaurant!!  Enjoy and feel awesome after you eat it!!

Cauliflower buns

January 01, 2020

This is a very versatile recipe! You can just eat them by themselves or use them for burger buns. There are so delicious!

Move over reeses peanut butter cups you got competition

January 01, 2020

Nutrient-dense health loving chocolate! Throw those shitty reeses poop butter cups out! These not only taste wikid they are wikid for you with antioxidants and nutrient dense ingredients that love your body and your body loves you for eating them! 

Avocado chocolate dream

January 01, 2020

This is a decadent tasty treat!! Enjoy its full of healthy fats and nutrient-dense chocolate!! you don't have to feel guilty about having this treat!


January 01, 2023

I eat these almost every day! Remember waffles arent just for breakfast, maybe you want to be a rebel and eat them for lunch or dinner!! Go ahead they are awesome!!

Tricky pancakes

February 23, 2023

Ok, it's not a trick just use the same recipe that you did for the waffles and make pancakes out of them. Preheat your pan, I use a cast iron frying pan. Coat with some coconut oil and pour your pancakes let cook for about 2 minutes or bubbling and then flip for 2 minutes more. Top with blueberries, cinnamon, and stevia.

Chica pudding

May 28, 2023

These are an awesome breakfast or snack. They are filled with chia seeds which are high in protein and healthy omega 3 fats! This little number is a nutrient-dense package that tastes really great! Don't be afraid to experiment with your own flavors and toppings, just make sure you keep them nutrient dense!

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