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Immune pack
  • Immune pack


    Vita Aid's RTI Management Protocol

    Cold killer  Coldfexin


    A plus Zinc

    Ultra PB probiotic "The good guys" 


    Allimin Garlic 

    NAC plus 

    Bio C



    The following primary strategies can be initiated within 48 hours of symptom onset and continued until symptoms significantly subside:
    Immune Support:
    • Coldefenxin: [Focused Dosing] take 2 capsules every 4 hours during the day.
    • C-Nergy (Vitamin C + D-Ribose + Elderberry): take 1 scoop TID.
    • Vitamin A Plus Zinc: take 2 capsules cc TID.
    • Ultra-PB100 DF (Probiotic): take 1 scoop cc QD.
    • Microcidin (Antimicrobial): take 2 capsules cc TID.
    • Alliimin DR (Enteric-Release Garlic Concentrate): take 1 capsule cc TID.
    The following secondary strategies can be implemented for additional symptom management:
    • Bio-C (Vitamin C with Flavonoids): take 2 capsules BID.
    • NAC+ (NAC with Vitamin C/E and Selenium): take 3 capsules BID.
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