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Is this you?

Are you just tired of empty promises?

Are you so fed up with trying this and trying that with little to no results? 


Does it seem like  you have   googled  and tried every diet known to man?


Have you made some headway, lost some and then gained it all back?


Are you just so confused now with information over load?


Your starting to ask yourself Why? WHY?


Your starting to wonder what am I missing??


Your tired of seeing all these other people have success and you feel left out!


If this is YOU...keep reading!!

I want to you to know that  if it is you, then this could also be you! All of my clients were just like you 

before they started working with me!

Imagine writing your own texts and success testimonies sharing YOUR SUCCESS!!


I've taught all these people the not so secret, secrets how to lose it and keep it off for good!

testimony for web.PNG

This isn't  the first time you've tried to 

lose weight or get fit & healthy is it?


In fact, if you were like me when I was searching for "the" answer...

... you've probably "googled" and tried  dozens of "diets" ,"workouts" and "programs" ,you've scrolled  through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram looking for the magik one...


You have :

*ate less and exersiced more!

*counted every fricking calorie!

*starved yourself!

*did cardio for hours on end!

*stopped eating carbs!

*took fat burners!

*used body wraps!

*used waist cinchers!

*drank diet teas!

*got a gym membership!

*hired a trainer!

*tried HCG, IP Diet, Keto, Weight Watchers, Bernstien 

 and a host of others!


My "Real people texts" with "REAL Succesful RESULTS" !


Why is this different than all the other things

 you've tried??



with 30 plus years of experience!


and....BECAUSE  in this program you will use your :


DNA nutrition blueprint


Your mindset change

and how to implement that knowledge into





We are going to look at the BIG PICTURE and not just one disconnected piece at a time. 


I'm going to teach and empower you how to EMBRACE your health and to stop settling for anything less. 


You need someone to guide you who has experience as well as book smarts because you know it always works in theory and on page 47 of the "how to diet" book… but it rarely if ever works that way in real life!!


With my 30 plus years of experience, education, and uneducation

(learning to unlearn all the BS of the Muscle & Fiction and so called health industry!) 


I'll literally be taking you by the hand, helping you to understand how your body works, 

your mind included and teaching you how to make it 



Every week you will join me on a live training and coaching call where I will show and teach you the best way to 

lose fat, get healthy and get into the best shape of your life and to maintain it!

Lose the Fat not your Mind or your Health


 is a program Empowering you to have a  Better, Stronger Healthier "You" using your own DNA blueprint! 

Click the button to book a call and see if you qaulify for the  program now

 and start paving the way to life long sustainable changes!


Its the "WHOLE Body" Makeover 


The opportunity is right here, right now... You just need to take it.

This program is like not any other!! 


We test your DNA Nutrition


 Knowing what your genes say is  GAME CHANGER!

Finding out whats in your genes so you can better fit into yours!


The most customised plan you can get. 


What does your nutrition blueprint say about you?


Food is information to your cells. Are you sending the right messages?


This program will make sure you do!

 I came to Cindy weighing 290lbs, smoked cigarettes, and drank more than occasionally.  and today I weigh 215lbs, quit smoking and quit drinking and now I am in the best shape of my life.


Cindy isn't just a coach, or a nutritionist, or a motivator, her skill sets go far beyond that, it's something you must experience and go through the process for yourself to understand. 

Thanks Cindy for everything you have done to open my eyes for the positive and for what you continue to help me with today. 

Peter Cameron

  Cindy guided me through throughout this program. The support is immeasurable. She has been there every step of the way. 

Educating me and being my support system or cheerleader whichever I needed.She helped me to change my beliefs in myself, in what I could do or what I thought I couldn’t do. 

  I look at my before and after picture and my states of how many inches and the weight that I have gotten rid of and I am proud. But the real change has happened internally where only I think I can see. But it is funny the people who really know me can see those changes too. I am more confident in myself, in my abilities and the way I carry myself. I have heard my “vibe” or the energy that I give off is totally different. I feel calmer and more able to handle stuff thrown my way. 


You have changed my life in many ways, Not only have I lost over 30 pounds,

 I have a whole new outlook on life. .

Hot flashes are non existent now, no more joint pain. 

My outlook on life has totally changed for the better!

I love my new lifestyle!!



Here's one of the biggest secrets:You can Have your cake and Eat it too!

You will learn what foods are good for you and taste awesome. 


You will learn how your body works and why what 

your doing right now has not worked for you! 


You will learn how to make  foods with a ton of time-saving recipes, 

strategies and plans to make it work for you 



Stop chasing symptoms and focus on the fix. 

You don't lose weight and get healthy....




Yes, you read that's one of the biggest secrets:

You don't lose weight and then get healthy, you get healthy and then you lose weight. 

Gut health, hormone, insulin and, thyroid health all need to be running smoothly. 

This training teaches you how to get healthy and then the 

weight and fat start to fall off!

This is why this program is the last program you will ever need because it trains, teaches and empowers you  how to get healthy and change your lifestyle. 


Its teaches you how to lose fat and not your mind or your health!


You get help from AN ABSOLUTE EXPERT "ME"

 how to apply the learning!

12 weeks of live online training and coaching. 

Accountability and support with a private group that focus' only on having you succeed and reach your goals, even when the goal posts get moved aka: LIFE Happens!

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