The Ultimate Success Package

12 weeks online or in person with live coaching calls!!
So how is this program any different? 
I have been on a never-ending quest for knowledge not only for myself but for you as well!
 I have 30 plus years of experience.
30 plus years of learning and unlearning all the lies and crap that the diet industry wants you to believe!
I empower people to change their limiting beliefs and then teach them the tools to actually follow through.
Together we are going to find the path of success for you!
We already know you're committed, have will power, can diet and workout so let's get to the root of the challenge and see what's holding you back from really achieving the life success that you want!
Imagine the results you will get with a customized program based on your OWN DNA and your lifestyle?  That's right it doesn't get any more custom than YOUR OWN DNA blueprint!
Decide and lets get started getting more of what you want and less of what you dont!
The Decide comes from the latin word "cide" which means to KILL OFF ALL OTHER OPTIONS

Cindy Legare

To set up your training for you, your business or your group  you can reach me here.

Or book a discovery call and let's discuss the strategies to get you closer to your health and weight loss goals!


30-26157 Fraser​​

Aldergrove, BC. Canada

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