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Nadines experience

My journey with Cindy started 4 years ago. I was overweight and had zero energy. I contacted Cindy
and the work began. She taught me how to eat healthy. Provided me with the tools that I needed.
Meal plans, recipes etc. She also held me accountable. Text every day and had to provide pictures of the
food that I prepped. It was very successful with a weight loss of 65 lbs. I felt great. I’m still maintaining
that weight loss today. Fast forward to three years later. We were talking and I mentioned that I felt
like a hamster on a wheel. Doing the same thing over and over and not getting anywhere. Just running
the same program that I’ve been running all my life. She taught me that my subconscious has been
running my program. For years it’s been telling me I can’t, I’m not good enough, not worthy enough,
not deserving. These thoughts have held me back and kept me from moving forward to the things I want
in my life.
Cindy has taught me how to take those thoughts and change the sentence simply by deciding to do so.
It is a daily work in progress but I find it's coming to me quicker and more naturally to turn the thinking
around. Things are definitely changing. I quit my job of 25 years. I have a new job that I know will not
be permanent but is there as a stepping stone to something new and better. I feel more confident,
more courageous, and more curious about life. By changing my thoughts, I find things are coming to me
easier because I’m sending out new vibrations instead of negative ones. The best part is I feel I have my
power back. Getting rid of the stinking thinking as Cindy would say. If you feel things aren’t working for
you in your life. I encourage you to contact Cindy Legare. She is brilliant and an amazing coach and
always there for you.
Nadine Blaschek
Very happy and successful client!!!!!!

This could be you!

Paiges experience

In the small amount of time that I have been working with Cindy, she has changed my life
tremendously. Looking back, when I was in the moment, it was hard to tell the kind of rut that I
was in and the quality of life I was inflicting on myself. Cindy has opened my eyes to many many
new things. Since this has happened I have improved my relationship with food, improved my
overall mood and energy, improved my blood sugars (the lowest they have ever been in 15
years might I add), my past ridiculously painful periods are now not even noticeable, becoming
confident in my body as it is which has ALWAYS been a struggle for me, becoming more lean
and losing weight that I feel like I have been trying to lose for a very long time. This is a very
small list of things that Cindy has helped me achieve over the last few months. My mindset has
changed so vastly, and I think about things like my body, food, what I’m putting energy into and
what my mind is thinking throughout the day now, so entirely differently. I am incredibly
grateful to have gotten the chance to be able to be taught by such a great teacher. Three
months ago, I was very overwhelmed with every aspect of my life and was not motivated to
make any changes. Today I feel incredibly empowered knowing that I am stronger than my
mind makes me out to be and I am incredibly thankful to Cindy for empowering me,
continuously helping me in such an understanding and supportive approach, and showing me
how many amazing things in life I was missing all because of a negative mindset and a poor diet.

Paige Vanderhoeks

Gurleens experience

Reflecting on this 12-week journey I was in a stuck mindset before beginning with Cindy and the
living limitless mindset program. It felt as if every action I was taking was only leading me
farther and farther away from my goal, and what that goal was I hadnt even fully conceptualized
yet. When I reflect on myself the poignant observation that I made is that I am my own worst
critic, and this evaluation of my self-concept needed to be broken down to fully understand
where and how these processes began to truly comprehend how it has made an impact on my
health, in particular, the struggle of losing weight.

At this point of the journey, with the help of Cindy and the Living limitless program, I have
come to better understand myself from a more compassionate and kinder perspective, this has
been facilitated through Cindy’s coaching and challenging some of the thinking traps that I had
programmed to think in. This health journey of determining what it is that I really want is an
ongoing process; however, with Cindy and working through the program I have been able to
conceptualize what my health goals truly are and better understanding areas of growth through
the life evaluation exercises. Each decision, each choice that I have learned to make through this
coaching process has brought me one step closer to the life I envision myself living. With the
help of Cindy, learning what it is to live more congruently in my day-to-day life and making
decisions about my personal health impact my how I am in my academic and professional life.
A work in progress is where I'm at right now, this journey with the aid of Cindy and the living
limitless program has opened my eyes to my own experiences. With Cindy through our sessions,
I have come to understand how my experiences have impacted my health and this journey of
weight/fat loss was not only about the physical weight on my body, but the mental weight that I
carry around.

Having learned how to de-construct and re-think my mindset with coaching support from Cindy,
I begun to be much more optimistic, hopeful, and trending towards a confident individual.
Making decisions regarding food and daily movement are all choices that are in my control,
learning from Cindy that this information (i.e., the foods, thoughts, and behaviours) that I put in
my body is what allows me to keep growing and developing a positive and healthy relationship
with myself. My mindset and thoughts have changed from ‘I cannot do this’ to ‘yes, I am doing
this’ and grasping that through maintaining consistency within this thought process has been a
result of Cindy and her supportive coaching.
It is a lifelong change that takes time and commitment to accomplish.

Gurleen Gill

Jenns experience

Before I took the leap to work with Cindy I was in a rough place in my life. My mindset was
destroyed from working in a career that was sucking the life out of me. My body since competing
in 4 bodybuilding shows (2014-2018) had really taken a beating and my hormones and body
were completely off balance, not to mention the mental games after the fact. I had been working
with a naturopath who helped with hormone replacement to get my body balanced and stop
gaining weight. Although, this was a band-aid as it did not solve the issues I was having both
physically and mentally with my body. Not to mention being on 4 medications a month was not
something I wanted to be taking long term.
When I met Cindy, I walked into her office to sign up at her gym and the moment she walked in
she connected with me and within 2 min of talking about where I was in life I had a full blown
breakdown. I was floating through life with a band-aid over my health issues and career in doing
what I thought I needed to, due to social norms.
After working with Cindy for a month I realized how much I had to focus on doing what truly
makes myself happy even if it is not deemed the right way by the world. Focusing on reteaching
and relearning how to react and learn boundaries and really implement them into my life. Having
someone to help walk you through reparenting your inner child and really support you to do the
work makes a huge difference in your life.
Now being over 6 months of working with Cindy, I can say I am the happiest and most fulfilled I
have ever been in my life. I have learned so much and look forward to continuing to grow and
learn from Cindy. My mental health and the relearning of how to see the world has changed my
life forever. Not to mention I am off all 4 medications and my body is regulating hormones
properly and lost over 25lbs. My body both physically and mentally is the healthiest I've been
and I can't wait to continue to become the most optimal body both mentally and physically that I
can be.

Jenn Hutchings

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