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I help you discover and turn your MIND"Shit" into Powerful Mind" Shifts so you can have more of what you want and less of what you don't by improving 1 belief and 1 bite at at a time!

The 4 Pillars of Transformation

YOUR BS: Your belief system

Food as information

Mindful Movement

Sleep: Rest & Recovery Leastmode VS Beastmode

Meet your coach



Cindy Legare


  • David Bayer Transformational Mindset Coach

  • CSNA Holistic Nutrition Advisor,

  • UCFV Life Coach/Counsellor,

  • PSYCH-K facilitator

  • Reiki Level 1

  • Law of Attraction Facilitator

  • BCRPA/CFES Personal Trainer,

Everything you need to discover and turn your MIND"Shit" into Powerful Mind" Shifts so you can have more of what you want and less of what you don't by improving 1 belief and 1 bite at at a time!

Cindy Legare - A maverick in the personal growth, nutrition, and fitness industry.  As an innovative and professional mindset & wellness coach, she has coined the phrase “muscle and fiction industry“ in order to bring to the forefront the misconceptions and misinformation that have littered the  personal growth, fitness, and nutrition world for decades


A wise and gentle warrior with a fierce appearance and kind disposition, she is matched by none in her dedication to your success.  Cindy employs the unique approach of tapping into the undiscovered strength within you to provide the transformation your body is fundamentally craving. 


Through the powerful tools of Transformational Mindset coaching, DNA mapping, PSYCH-K, nutritional coaching, personal training, digital support and more, she enables and empowers you to change your habits, change your mind, change your brain, change your food, change your body and change your life.


Cindy has spent 30 years immersed in the personal growth & fitness industry, as well, has invested in an impressive diversity of education such as;

David Bayer Transformational Mindset Facilitator

CSNA Holistic Nutrition Advisor
UCFV Life Coach/Counsellor
Law of Attraction Facilitator
BCRPA/CFES Personal Trainer

PSYCH-K Facilitator

Reiki Level 1


Having obtained an exceedingly valuable education at, what we know to be the most accredited school a person could attend, the University of Life Experience, Cindy is remarkably equipped to reinforce your power during any triumph or challenge.  


She has contributed creatively to our humanity, for many years, as both a graphic and fine artist, and positively influenced our future during her time as a youth counselor, pioneering ground-breaking immersive programs for youth at risk.  


Cindy draws from a veritable artist’s palette of knowledge and experience to provide you with the tools you need for success.  Her unparalleled passion for sharing her knowledge and wisdom with her clients will ignite you.  

Cindy has harvested the data and waded through the overwhelming information we’ve been bombarded with for many years.  The self-help workshops, the fad diet programs, revolving door of nutritional do’s and don’ts, confusing fitness trends and relentless media brainwashing that has plagued our information feed over her three decades in the personal development, fitness and nutrition industry.  


This has led to her voracious dedication to providing us with the truth. She has painstakingly researched, tested, learned and lived it all and is unwavering in her confidence that she has developed a program, tailor-made for each individual client, that will provide real results that are both sustainable and retainable long term.


Cindy looks fierce, talks frankly, learns voraciously, teaches passionately, feels deeply, and is always on a quest for learning how to empower you to not just become aware but HOW TO CHANGE WITH TOOLS AND PROCESSES WHAT YOU BECOME AWARE OF!

Contact Cindy today to release those limiting beliefs, and do the single most important thing you can ever do and that is to learn how to have a SUCCESSFUL MIND!  Make it work for you and not against you!


Specializing in sustainable, customized, fun life-changing transformations!


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This website does not provide medical or healthcare advice. Consult with your physician before making any dietary or other health-related changes, including adoption of the Transformed life 247365 Lifestyle.

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